constructor max barriers

Constructor Max

Developed for civil engineering and utility companies who require maximum attenuation, use on roadsides outside peoples homes and businesses, the test results achieved are impressive and have a maximum reduction of 35.3 decibels.

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Civil Engineering Acoustics, Temporary Construction

Product benefits

  • Independently tested to BS EN ISO 717 – 1: 2013 and BS EN ISO 354: 2013
  • Weighs 11kg
  • The highest attenuation to weight ratio, the maximum expertly tested attenuation 35.3 decibels
  • Maximum absorption coefficient 1.23
  • Conforms with accepted codes of practice
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • No irritant materials used
  • Market leading Class O acoustic foam
  • Smart appearance
  • Wide range of colours
  • Customised printing available
  • Can be manufactured to individual needs
  • Each barrier overlaps the next creating an effective seal
  • Easy to fold, store and transport
  • Nationwide delivery
  • For sale or hire