Our Buyback Scheme

At Soundout we are always looking for new ways to give our customers the best acoustic barriers for the best deal available.

If a customer prefers to rent barriers as opposed to own them the cost of hiring sound barriers for long term projects can mount up.  A six month project renting 50x sound barriers at £20 per week each will cost around £24000, possibly more depending on your supplier.

When buying new barriers for your acoustic fence and using them for up to six months we are happy to buy back any acoustic barrier still in good condition, returning 30% of the price paid to our customers and removing the need to store them after use.

Those same 50x acoustic barriers to buy from us £5225, after your 6 month project is complete we will buy back your acoustic barriers for £1568, leaving you a total spend of £3657 and saving the customer a lot of money.

Enquire about our sound barriers and offers on 01949 358110.



*Offer being trialled for a limited time only, we cannot buyback personalised or damaged sound barriers, a cleaning charge may apply*